United through pain

When people share pain they come together and unite. Psychological studies have found that even though it is unpleasant to feel pain, it can have a positive social effect working like an ‘adhesive’ to glue people together as one.

On March 18th, our city came together to share a pain felt globally after the tragic incident in New Zealand.

Christina Lord, Volunteer and Sub-council member of London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership, attended a vigil and shared the following.

I was humbled to join many other Londoners of great diversity. This group was gathered at a vigil to commemorate the horrific tragedy in New Zealand…the speakers and others attending acknowledged their fear and vulnerability and spoke clearly that what is needed is a call to action.

That we all call out racism, Islamophobia and many other forms of discrimination. The attendees came together out of pain, hurt and anger - but also out of kindness and care - to let our Muslim brothers and sisters know that we care and were there to support each other and uphold a greater love for humanity.