Cultural mosaic


Engaging with a newcomer about their own culture can be a meaningful experience for all parties. It is an opportunity for Londoners to learn something new, and is an act of welcome towards both a person and their culture. Those who write to us describe their encounters with newcomers as impactful moments in their own lives.  

Patty C. shared her experience with a new culture:

“I was invited to a newcomer’s home for lunch and had the most amazing meal. At the same time they explained the dishes that they made. It was enjoyable and educational to learn about their culture, and at the same time they were interested in hearing about my Dutch culture and traditions.”

Another community member, N. Wales, shared the following:

“Mr. Steinback's grade 7 students at Sir George Etienne Cartier School invited their Syrian newcomer peers to teach them phrases and words in Arabic as well as to teach them about their favourite foods in a special lunch, so that as a class, they can be more welcoming!”

The different cultures which we all bring are what make our city so vibrant, and such a welcoming place for all. Each of us can learn a great deal from simply listening to a newcomer share their experiences and culture.