Small acts, big impacts


What may seem like a small gesture, can have a large, memorable impact on the recipient as the receivers of acts of welcome tell us.

New immigrant, Jessica, and her family were in Canada for less than a month when her husband fell seriously ill. “He was rushed to Victoria Hospital by ambulance.  After a couple of hours when the tests were done and the cause of his illness diagnosed, his medical team decided to move him to University Hospital because they had a dedicated department for treating that specialty. I asked a nurse about the location of University Hospital because I  did not know where it was and when she told me it was some distance away, I requested the phone number of a cab company that I could call to take me there. The nurse told me to wait and came back a few minutes later with a prepaid cab voucher. I was so touched and thankful – there I was distressed, feeling alone in a new country and someone reached out with a thoughtful gesture that I still look back on six years later with gratitude!”

Vicki recounts an incident with her friend – “My friend was on a bus to work and there was an older newcomer who seemed to be lost and was not sure she was on the right bus. My friend offered her phone to the woman to allow her to contact her son and he was able to direct her on how to get to where she was going. My friend also gave the woman a bus ticket to take the correct bus.”

When you do an act of welcome, you may don't give it much thought but when viewed through the eyes of the recipient that small act may not be so small after all!