Finding similarities in differences

Donald and Tracy wrote in to tell us what they are doing to make London a more welcoming community for immigrants. Here are their stories:

Donald says, “When I encounter a lady with a hijab or a man I think is Muslim, I ask, `are you Muslim?’ when they say yes, I say, `Thank you for coming here to Canada, thank you very much, we need you here, we need people with faith.’ I am a Christian and welcome Muslims.

When I encounter a Sikh with a turban , I ask if they are Sikh and when they say yes, I show them a picture of  the World War II Canadian army fighting alongside the Indian army in Italy. The photo, which has my uncle in it, shows brave turban-wearing Sikhs who had just freed an Italian village from the German army and the Canadian army, which was about to hold the town.

In the past when people objected to the Sikh turban, I showed them the photo of our Sikh brothers in arms. It left them speechless.

Head scarves.jpg

Tracy owns a salon in a mall in London.  In response to requests from women who wear hijabs requesting a private area to have their hair done, she built one! She is so pleased to announce the private room in her salon that she rented a roadside sign this month advertising the addition in English and Arabic.