No Kidding Around!


How many times have we been told, “laughter is the best medicine”? This proved true for Myrian, a Colombian-Canadian whose family bonded with another Canadian family during a Church-sponsored bowling night. What began as a light joke quickly grew into a new, supportive friendship. Below is Myrian’s story.

“We had just arrived in Canada and were attending a bowling night sponsored by the church we started to attend. We weren’t even speaking English yet! A Canadian gentleman was going around making a practical joke, and he tied my shoes together. We laughed about it, and that was the beginning of our families’ friendship. He and his family introduced us to Canada in many ways, and allowed us to practice our English with them. We went on hikes, shared meals together and welcomed many other newcomer families to London. Our children became good friends. I'm thankful for that day he decided to play a practical joke on me!”

— Myrian, from Colombia

Acts of welcome come in many forms and can lead to the development of strong friendships and family bonds. Myrian’s friend showed that culture and language barriers can be toppled with just a little bit of laughter