A Christmas of New Beginnings

Christmas is a family-centred celebration that be difficult for many immigrants who are away from their home countries and traditions. The transition is made easier by the kindness of those who recognize this difficulty. Below, Constable Max Gomez, a London OPP officer, recounts an act of welcome made by an elementary school teacher shortly after he moved to Canada.

“As an immigrant from Latin America, my first Christmas away from home and family was a difficult time. I remember a knock on the door on a Saturday morning. It was my elementary school teacher. He brought books, school supplies and my very first hockey stick! To me, it was more than a gift. That hockey stick meant I had an opportunity to make new friends and learn about my new home.”

— Const. Max Gomez, London OPP.

The thoughtfulness of Officer Gomez’s elementary school teacher gave him the opportunity to interact with others and make new friends through Canada’s beloved sport — hockey. What may have been a small act of kindness for the teacher was an act of welcome that made Officer Gomez’s very first Christmas in Canada memorable.