The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership is a collaborative community initiative to facilitate and strengthen the integration of immigrants into a community that is welcoming.  LMLIP is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.  LMLIP is co-led by the City of London and a community member.

For more information on the #AllAreWelcomeHere campaign, please contact:

Jill Tansley, LMLIP Co-chair at jtansley@London.ca (Office: 519 661-2500 x7377; Mobile: 519 639-2832)

Huda Hussein, LMLIP Project Coordinator at (hhussein@lmlip.ca, Ph: 519-663-0551 ext. 283

For a free lawn sign, contact:

  1. Polina Shadman at pshadman@lmlip.ca ; 519-663-0551 ext 240

  2. London Cross Cultural Learner Centre, Suzanne La Rose, at slarose@lcclc.org; 519-432-1133

  3. LUSO Community Centre, Jacob Winter, at jacob@lusocentre.org; 519-452-1466

  4. South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Mohamed Al-Adeimi, MAlAdeimi@slnrc.ca; 519-686-8600 ext 7029


For more information about LMLIP, please visit the website www.immigration.london.ca/LMLIP